In this segment of our web site a photo collection about Neu Samara should come into being. Besides, we are also depended on the help of the visitors. Therefore, we ask all which still have at home interesting photos, to give them us. Every donator will be thankfully mentioned. At the moment we have only the pictures of Elvira Nachtigall, a former teacher in Dolinsk, Alexander Wittenberg, Johann Funk, Dr. Katharina Neufeld, Neil Nickel, Valentina Nickel, Vanessa Black, Waldemar and Nadine Sukkau, Alexej Reimer, Johann Walde, Peter Bergmann, Kathie Giesbrecht and Ira Fertsch, Olga Heide we would like to thank them. In addition photos from the book "Neu Samara am Tock" and remained, not published images, were contributed by Johann Funk.

With the photos after 1991/1992 should be considered that most ethnic German inhabitants have emigrated since then to Germany. The today's state of the buildings is not necessarily the same as before the emigration. Also some new buildings have been build.
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